Tina Campbell
Guide  •  Connector  •  Entrepreneur

Meet Tina.

Tina Campbell knows what it is like to face a challenge. Saddled with a compromised immune system, she is defying the odds every day. And helping others has been her most important survival tool.
Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics (the first in her family to earn a four-year degree) and a strong work ethic instilled by her immigrant parents, Tina honed her skills in the fields of accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, project management, and strategic planning on both the corporate and supplier sides. Since setting up shop as a solopreneur in 1999, she has launched three businesses to support small business growth, and overseen and developed management policies and procedures for diverse Fortune 500 companies. She also built the regional division of a world-class networking organization starting with just one member: herself.

Tina’s strength lies in her superpower: the ability to connect the right people and equip them to defy the odds and build thriving businesses. Her entire career speaks to her belief in the power of relationships – and her gift for facilitating and nurturing the kind of connections that lead to long-term success.

The ultimate “business matchmaker,” Tina is passionate about building bridges to make connections – and helping entrepreneurs use these connections to grow their businesses. Nowhere is this more evident than in her work with Master Networks.
When Master Networks Founder and CEO Chas Wilson decided to develop a networking group that focused on relationship-building, he reached out to Tina’s colleague and friend, Dave Jenks. Tina and Dave had partnered to launch Free Enterprise Warriors (FEW) in 2009 to support and empower courageous, learning-based entrepreneurs. They found a kindred spirit in Chas, whose goal was to create a business culture that would be “learning based and community minded.”

Dave signed on to create the group’s intellectual property and became Dean of Master Networks University. When he asked Tina to start the New York/Western Connecticut region in 2015, she jumped at the chance – and began walking around Westchester asking folks to join this unique networking group. Overcoming the initial challenges with grace and optimism, she was so successful that she led the group’s expansion into New Jersey – and now serves on the national leadership team as Head of the Eastern Territory.
Today Master Networks has 126 chapters in 18 states with over 3,000 members – and growing! To explore whether Master Networks can benefit you and your business, attend a weekly chapter meeting or call Tina at 914.441.1383 for more information.

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Every business journey requires specific tools and tactics in order to reach the destination successfully. Tina founded Thrivalist to guide women who are transitioning from corporate careers to entrepreneurship – and give them the tools and tactics to not just survive, but thrive. 
Having left a successful 25-year career in the corporate world, Tina knows firsthand what it’s like to wake up and ask, “What now?” Fortunately, she found a mentor who encouraged her to take an entrepreneurial path – and she wanted to offer support to other women who were on similar journeys. Her three-step program starts by equipping clients with the right mindset and strategies to weather the tough entrepreneurial landscape. Then she guides them in the direction of their goal and shows them how connecting with others will speed up the process of getting there.

Tina is also the author of The Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide – the ultimate field guide to help women navigate the wilds of the business landscape. Grab a copy here.

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Free Enterprise Warriors (FEW) was created in 2009 to support and empower courageous, learning-based entrepreneurs. As Chief Systems Guide at FEW, Tina worked side-by-side with Chief Creativity Officer Dave Jenks to provide an infrastructure in the form of on-demand consulting, systems, support, leadership and training so that entrepreneurs could maximize the potential of their enterprises.

As a mentor, business partner and friend, Dave’s impact on Tina’s life was immeasurable. Although his passing has left a void that is impossible to fill, his spirit lives on as FEW honors his legacy and continues to evolve. Dave’s free audio book, Free Enterprise Warriors: The Path of Courageous Entrepreneurs, is available for download on the FEW website.

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Paying it forward…

Tina launched the Master Networks NY/CT/NJ Regional Community Council to enhance the organization’s mission of “building a group of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are learning-based and community-minded.” Her vision was to bring together member experts and volunteers with a passion for community outreach and create a grassroots effort to connect with those in need. The work of the Community Council is to serve as a resource for raising awareness, volunteers and grants for local non-profits that Master Networks members hold dear. Run by members, for members, its strength lies in the breadth and depth of all of the businesses in the regional community.

Tina Campbell
Guide  •  Connector  •  Entrepreneur